Monday, 15 January 2007

The Future Of The Music Industry: Meet The Wiggles

My friend Rob's son, Andreas, love the Wiggles. Wiggles music, wiggles concerts, wiggles everything. It didn't surprise me then to see the figures given by Paul Kedrosky on their money making empire.

According to Paul's blog,

"The Wiggles grossed $45m Australian dollars in 2004, up from $14-million in 2001"

We all know music is no longer about distribution. Where the greatest value can be found is in live performance as it's not a commodity that can be replicated and distributed for free. Of course there are also the brand extensions that are then built through that relationship including merchandise and unique in the moment items. For example, someone told me of a show they went to where they were sold a limited version CD of the concert that they just attended as they were walking out the door. That's what it is all about now. Different, special, original. One of the few. Collectables. It's all part and parcel of how digital has redefined that business.

So meet the Wiggles and enjoy. They are the future of the music industry (god help us all).


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