Tuesday, 6 March 2007

The Bruising of America

With the US political scene heating up, there have been a number of postings talking about the impact and potential importance of the blogosphere. While the media continues to polarize the "red" and "blue" America theme, according to Environics president Michael Henry Adams, it is

"neither Red nor Blue America that represents the overall trajectory of social change in the United States. Rather, it is politically disengaged Americans, people who increasingly embrace values of brash individualism and hedonism, who are the greatest barometer of where American society is headed."

How will purple America affect the upcoming landscape if at all? It would seem that whomever is able to get the most traction with the group in the middle would inevitably see the most gains.

Being able to control the media discourse will be one of the strongest ways to affect this group who will NOT be reading the comments in the blogosphere but rather be impacted by the latest sensational explosive sound byte from CNN. How will the edge conversations attempt to influence this?

More on this later today....


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