Tuesday, 20 March 2007

To Be A Sheep Or Not To Be A Sheep

Scott sent me a good article from wired (actually that’s the third good article from Wired this week)

Netvibes talks about their choice not to force a google ad style model for their 10M users. Co-founder Tariq Krim

"We break all the rules," says Krim, his dark eyes smiling beneath abundant black curls. If advertisers -- attracted by Netvibes' 10 million users around the world -- want access to Netvibers, they need to create a service in the form of a Netvibes module. If the module -- such as eBay's auction-tracking module -- doesn't benefit the user, forget it. That's Krim's rule.

Two things that I find interesting: Firstly, the whole dark eyes and abundant curls part (Wired does Vanity Fair?) and secondly that a company so successful chooses to focus on building long term value for its users vs. short term monetary gain. Success stories like this go a long way to prove that following just makes you a sheep. Baaaaaaaaaaa.


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