Tuesday, 27 March 2007

What's Your Search Style?

According to onestat.com (July 06 numbers)

"most people use 2 word phrases in search engines"

My search style couldn't be more atypical I guess. I tend to write close to entire sentences into search engines. Sometimes, if it's a really obscure thing I am looking for, I try to imagine of how the creator of the content might have written it and throw that into the search engine to see if it helps. I guess it’s my own version of a deep web search.

As well, I am a huge linker. I have noticed from the mybloglog tracking to my site, that very few people actually link hop all that much. Maybe they will click one thing or another. I have confirmed this pattern with some other folks who track their blogs as well.

If I end up at your site on the other hand and find the content interesting, I will likely open up at least 10 new tab windows and follow the trail to wherever it might lead me (opening 10 new tabs at each new place = a lot of open windows). I find I more often than not end up in the most unusual places. As well the journey tends to give me a breadth of information from disparate places that help to formulate a different perspective about things over time.

So if you track who comes to your blog and you notice that the search term that the person came from was more like a sentence than a key word, and then you find that all of a sudden your page views skyrocketed 20% that day, probably means I have been for a visit.

And how about you? What's your search style?


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