Friday, 9 March 2007

Microsoft To Build Web Version?

Apparently, Microsoft is building an online office suite.

Wow this seems like a horrifying thought to me. I can't even imagine it really. Having recently played around with folder share (which I was TOLD was sooo easy and found completely complicated), I can't even imagine how it would work.

It's really time Microsoft took a strategy of being a leader. Getting some big brains and innovative thinkers to challenge their models and not assume that Google has everything correct. As the stunted launch of Google's apps proved and growing success of companies like Ning that got a luke warm reception from the blogosphere, you never know what will succeed until you launch. The users in the end will decide. Amen to that.

ps. Microsoft, if you give us "show tags" functionally like Word Perfect used to have, I would be most appreciative


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