Thursday, 1 March 2007

The Digital Search For Self

The old world says that our identity is about our passports. The new world via says something quite different:

"The Search for Identity.

We are in search of ourselves, and we find possible answers to our search for self through our interaction in community with others, through both our similarities and our distinctiveness. We are increasingly aware of the complex and multidimensional nature of identity in the modern world. We are much more than the roles and demographic slices that our companies, families and mass media would want to trap us in. We belong to many tribes simultaneously.

We are multi-dimensional beings engaged in the process of becoming."

The Web takes the notion of "finding yourself" to a whole new level. Don't miss reading the full article that was about open creative communities found here.


Fraser said...

I hope that my identity is much more than my passport. Eek, what a scary thought.

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