Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Our 'Yes, No' Society

Peter told me a couple weeks ago that I said “Yes, No” a lot. And then I started to notice, that actually he says “Yes, No” a lot. I figure I got it from him. Well now both of us have been noticing that everyone says “Yes, No” a lot.

There is definitely a 'Yes, No' phenomenon going on. Maybe it's because nothing is solid anymore. Maybe it's because most things are possible. Nothing is black and white and as a society we view everything through a relative lens. It used to be that murder was just wrong no matter what. Now, we still think it's wrong but we also tend to think that it also depends on the circumstances.

Do you agree that there is a 'Yes, No' thing going on?

Do you think it's because we see the shades of gray more often than not?

Are you thinking the answer to that question is
yes, and no?


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