Monday, 11 June 2007

And Who Told You Writers Earn A Living?

What's with the entire 'monetization of blogging' conversation that continues to go around the Web like a rat on a wheel. I just don't get it.

I have read probably every book there is on writing (it was my own special way of procrastinating writing my novel). Almost all of them say the same thing:

1. If you want to write, put the book down and write (Doh....)
2. Don't quit your day job. Almost no writers make a living writing.

I mean even Margaret Atwood still takes Canada arts council grants. So why should blogging be different?

There will always be those that are at the top of their game, that have thousands of readers and a whole bunch of companies willing to pay them for speaking or consulting gigs.

But for most people, writing is about expressing oneself, and/or having an opinion. With blogging i would also add for me it's about connecting with people who I wouldn't have otherwise connected with.

And let’s face it, that is way more valuable than the .50 cents you make on Google


Nav said...

You know how they say the truth hurts? Well, it turns out that the truth hurts. This post crushed so many of my dreams... :(

I don't suppose you have any suggestions on what to do with my ever-so-useful PhD in English, do you? :D

Leigh said...

Phd in English? That's easy -- get a cushy tenue track position at a University - be adored by your students who all think you are hugely talented writer and then in your spare time publish...

or of course, you could create a tech start up and put the whole writing thing on hold until you retire....


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