Sunday, 3 June 2007

Cambodian Atlas To Compete With Google Maps?

Just kidding! But there is a lot of interesting things going on below ground.

To that end, my brother's company Aruna Technology co-located in Cambodia and Laos, has just launched The Atlas of Cambodia by the Royal Danish Embassy.

According to the site, it "has been created to provide civil society, government institutions, Danida’s development partners and the public at large with information on the state of the environment and natural resources in Cambodia and related social and economic issues based on data collected during the programme period from a number of the Danida funded projects."

To get to the actual map itself, click on "link to map" in the top right hand corner.

My brother is also the only authorized distributor for Garmin Cambodia although he has yet to give me any cool toys for free (yes that is a hint Jeff ;-)

update: found a recently published article by the Documentation Centre of Cambodia that Jeffrey has written based on his thesis work at Cornell (the family is always last to know) - “Searching for the Truth,” which has made a welcome contribution to the understanding of the centrally-planned irrigation systems of the Khmer Rouge."


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