Tuesday, 12 June 2007

It's 1950 Again

Looks like in an effort to force people to watch TV ads, Garmin and Jay Leno are doing an in-show spot.

"...the shtick for the 30-second spot will have Jay Leno's announcer, John Melendez, appearing in a lab coat to discuss how Garmin devices can be the cure for "direction disorder," an ailment that prevents men from asking for directions."

Wow don't wanna miss that! (I'll let you know how it is ;) But just so we are clear, I draw the line on this blast from the past if it means that someone is going to expect me at some point to wear a poofy dress and look happy while holding a bottle of cleaning liquid as Wally and the Beav go past to cause trouble....


Mark said...

Wow! I really wouldn't recognize you in a poofy dress! :)

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