Thursday, 21 June 2007

New Feature Idea

Ok it's really an old feature idea but can someone do this soon please? A 'printer-friendly' button on all blogs.

More and more blogs are being used for news and research (by the way i must owe Zoli at least a few thousand dollars for great quotes and insights just made for keynote/powerpoint) the ability to print without having a ream of paper attempting to print out side columns and pages of comments would be very helpful and good for trees.

Blogger product development? Anyone? Help?


Paul said...

Sounds like a job for printer-specific stylesheets.

Zoli Erdos said...

Oh, thanks, Leigh.. should I give you my paypal account? :-)


Leigh said...

Sure just flip me an email


oh sorry can you hear me?

the reception isn't really good on this comment box...

Your cutting out.....I'll comment you back later when I am in a better location...


Anonymous said...

"Printing"? How 20th century-quaint. Ain't that gone the way of the "letter to the editor"? :)

And whatever happened to the paperless society anyway?

Leigh said...

yes but if i didn't print everything how could i possibly recycle it later on and be environmentally friendly?

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