Tuesday, 5 June 2007

A Friend Read A Blog Of A Friend And Then Wrote A Post And Linked To The Friend And Then A Friend Read That Post ...And Then I Fell Asleep

Ok long winded title, but Case in point, the bubble post by Mark Andreessen. I read about it first on Paul Kedrosky's blog during my morning scanning. Then later in the afternoon, I went to my feeds again, and I swear I bumped into a gazillion postings on the exactly same subject, citing the exact same articles only a few of which gave any new perspective.


clearly I have no diversity in my feed reader.

And the irony? while i have thought this for a while and it's been bugging me, I actually read a post on this very subject a while back called the Echo chamber where one person almost dared people to link to Julia's post. Well dammit, now I have.

ECHO! ECHO! ....zzzzzzz........


Paul said...

Yeah, but I was first, as the kids like to say :-)

Leigh said...

Yeah, are YOU SURE Fred Wilson didn't beat you to it ;-)

Paul said...

Fred, the slacker, only posted yesterday. Marc showed up in my all-knowing, all-seeing Infectious Greed on Sunday.

Leigh said...

Probably too busy counting his money from Wallstrip and Feedburner I suspect ;-)

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