Friday, 1 June 2007

And People Say Tech People Don't Trust The Biz People

So I asked for a change to something which made the guys all nervous. They hate exceptions to the rule because, well firstly, they love rules. Secondly all of them have worked with business people (yeah, ok, fine myself included) who promise it will be the ONLY exception ONLY to have a second and third (and forth and fifth).

lol. Eric (our very dry witted programmer/soon to be PhD in linguistics) said that he would only do what I asked IF he got it in writing that I wouldn't come back and ask for more.

Here is what i promised:

Leigh Himel hereby swears that this so called "exception" will be the only one. If she does what the usual business people do and goes back on her word then we only have to go to this message in our bug tracker software to mock her with, and then laugh as we refuse to execute any of her ridiculous requests.

(and the promise is now of course now immortalized forever on this blog post ;-)


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