Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Still Enamored With TV

Peter called me into the TV room last night because it turned out that my cousin Phil's place (for those of you in Toronto, you probably know it - best damn BBQ - Phil's Original BBQ on College st)was on restaurant makeover.

Now what is it about TV that makes me go, "oh look, Phil and Gloria are on TV! Cool"

I saw this when i worked at the Agency all the time. I am still convinced one of the reasons there is so much client money pumped into TV commercials is that clients love to go on shoots. The sets are cool. Food services! Lights, Camera, Action!

Yep, we are still enamored with TV. Well, at least a little bit.



Mark said...

I think part of the reason might be that access to TV is still so controlled and so privileged. TV cameras can only point in one direction at a time, so being the direction to which the camera points is still seen as a Big Deal (must mean you're important, eh?, rather than, say, the news segment producer needed someone - anyone! - as a talking head to fill up the 30 seconds that would otherwise be dead air).

I still get the "I saw you on TV!!" reaction from friends. It was most disconcerting when it was happening almost daily. CBC used a couple of clips of me during a taping for the now defunct Gill Deacon show. Ironically, the episode was never broadcast, but the promos played almost non-stop, so people's reactions were along the lines of, "I saw you on TV recently, but I can't remember the show." And that last comment, boys and girls, is why Gill Deacon is looking for a new gig.

Leigh said...

I know just how you feel. I kept showing up on Rogers Cable 10 for a mime performance I did while at Leo Baeck Day School when I was 8. It was at the North York Civic Centre under the glittery chimes.

I coulda been a contenda....

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