Friday, 25 May 2007

Apparently There Are No Punks In Heaven

Here's a good story (hat tip to Brendan for the link)


Dr Martens is very sorry for any offense that has been caused by the publication of images showing dead rock icons wearing Dr Martens boots.

Dr Martens did not commission the work as it runs counter to our current marketing activities based on FREEDOM, which is dedicated to nurturing grass roots creativity and supporting emerging talent.

As a consequence, Dr Martens has terminated its relationship with the responsible agency.

David Suddens, Chief Executive"

Hum and as the Sydney Herald put it,

* Kurt and Joey didn't even wear Docs.
* Assuming heaven exists, as it does in the commercial, and we're talking 'heaven' as a Catholic/Christian construct, well, Kurt wouldn't be there. He topped himself. Some would put Sid in the same basket. Do not pass Peter, do not collect $200!
* Strummer would probably rather gurgle cat piss and dog shit than sell his body to a major advertising campaign.

Gotta love that the client (who probably had about 14 people internally over there at Doc Marten approve the creative) fires the Agency. Reminds me of a cartoon I made a while back contributing my own cartoon to someone else's about bad creative client critics...hum...let me repost it here.....

update: Client scapegoats agency and now agency scapegoats some poor sod who works there - from a Saatchi press release:

“We regret that the controversy has led Dr. Martens to terminate the
contract with Saatchi & Saatchi. We are investigating the circumstances and
considering the ongoing employment of the individual who was in breach of
instructions not to distribute the ads further than the original approved
placement in Fact Magazine in the UK.

“While we believe the creative is a beautiful tribute to four legendary
musicians, the individual broke both agency and client protocol in this
situation by placing the ads on a US advertising website and acting as an
unauthorised spokesperson for the company.”


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