Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Digital Design Maoism: Jacob Nielson and Web 2.0

Apparently Jacob Nielson doesn't like Web 2.0 design.

He says:

"The idea of community, user generated content and more dynamic web pages are not inherently bad..., they should be secondary to the primary things sites should get right....The main criticism or problem is that I do not think these things are as useful as the primary things..."

I am all for good design. I just question who gets to decide what good design is. Usability? Sure, if things aren't usable what's the point. But I think if Jacob N had his way, all sites would look the same and behave the same way. Design Maoism if you ask me and I hate the idea.

Read for yourself and see what you think.

(oh and for where I got the title Digital Maoist go read this brilliant and contraversial article by John Lanier if you haven't read it called Digital Maoism and The Hazards of the New Online Collective)


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