Saturday, 5 May 2007

oponia Posters For JavaOne

I just had to put these up because I think pon has done such a beautiful job (and let us not forget Tasha who is an amazing artist, concept creator and PM). There was actually quite a team working on the design for oponia including Peter (Munck) as CD, pon as design lead and of course, Alfons UX designer extraordinaire. My job was mostly to sit back and watch it come to life (oh and make them do things they didn’t want to do or agree with - but hey, I am the business chick, that’s what I do).


Mark said...

So three down, six across is used for sharing porn? :)

And eleven down, three across is very close to infringing on the Kevin Spencer copyright (from Comedy Network).

Leigh said...

Kevin Spencer owes eminem some money then cuz that's who i think it looks like (and my friend Gavin from the toronto remix project). :)

Leigh said...

hey mark - by the by - being the spastic that i am - i went three across and six down (vs your three downa dn six across) and thought you meant the sleeping guy (zzzzzzzzz) lol

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