Friday, 25 May 2007

New Product Idea

GPS social network for traffic spotting.

When I was in San Fran, my friend Peter Jin Hong had the cool gadget of the day with his GPS screen that slapped onto the window on the car. He just put in our destination and the sultry computer voice with a British accent told him to "keep to the right hand side of the road and turn at the next intersection."

Well, what if i could join a social network for my drive home? What if I could get driving advice and warnings from all the other silly commuters back and forth from Toronto to past Orangeville?

She could say things like "there is a speed trap at the top of the Caledon hill, proceed with caution" or "drivers have indicated that there is extensive traffic to come onto the Gardner Expressway, keep to the right and use the Queensway off ramp"


vanessa said...

LOL. That's what people used to use CB radios for.

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