Monday, 14 May 2007

Random Acts of Hopscotch

What a great story out of Ottawa.

"Last Thursday, about a dozen children grabbed some chalk and started drawing hopscotch squares that eventually covered four city blocks. One neighbour called to complain about "graffiti" on the street, however, and the city responded by sending in a truck to hose it down."

In solidarity with the kids, chalk messages started to appear all over the city some saying "Play. Live. Dance. Hopscotch". Apparently, one group actually organized in the cover of night, spanning for blocks with a giant hopscotch and a variety of messages that pointed eventually to the stairs of city hall.

Talk about user generated media - now moving from the Web to public spaces. I think we need to start a national movement and in the words of one chalk artist:

"be active on your lunch break, come hopscotch"


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