Tuesday, 8 May 2007

J1_day1: San Francisco

Day 1 has come and gone. Flight uneventful (and I hate to fly so uneventful = good). Five minutes at the hotel and then off to the conference centre. After a bit of a hassle getting our passes (we have SUN employee passes) we got to see our pod.

We are next to dancing robots! How cool is that? And if I made a paper airplane and had decent enough aim (which for the record i don't) I could hit the person who will be sitting in the the OReilly Media pod chair.

We got to meet the SUN guys finally which was great for Vanessa. She's worked with them virtually for years on JXTA and never seen 'em in person. What strange circumstances technology puts us in.

Speaking of which, we are meeting Mark (Petrovic) today and he is helping us out in the pod. If I have any energy left by the end of the day I'll write a note or two.

over and out...


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