Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Building It From The Outside.In

Outside.In a new local social community tool (sorry i made that up - don't know how they are self-identifying) has done something that is really really freakin' smart.

If you put in your postal code and it doesn't exist in their system, then it asks you (similar to how a wiki would) if you want to create that community.

I have seen lots of attempts at local sites and most of them start in a particular city and then broaden out from there. The lack of content is actually a detriment until there is critical mass. Here the lack of content turns into an ADVANTAGE as the first comers get the “cool” 'I started the Toronto"x postal code" community' on Outside.In factor.

It’s not always great ideas that turn things into brilliant companies. It’s the execution.

Building it from Outside.In. Damn that’s smart.


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