Friday, 11 May 2007

J1: Final Recap

It's over! Woot! Everyone was so tired (and I don't just mean everyone at oponia, I mean everyone in the building).

The last hour was insane. A few of the booths around us really liked our product and kept sending people our way. We had a great time and I think more than anyone, I was a bit cynical as to what this show would do for us connection wise. Probably I spend too much time in Toronto and sometimes I forget how many people who can help us live here on the West Coast.

Even after day 3 though my favorite moment of the show was from day 1. I forced an editor and chief of a well read technical magazine to come over. He literally rolled his eyes. I was like, come on, start-up, self-funded, be nice! And he was. He watched and you could kinda see his face go funny when we showed him the demo and he turned his head sideways and said, "that's actually really interesting." (don't you love when people use their inside voices out loud?) And he gave us his business card and told us he would definitely review it.

Today we are off to see the sites. I have never been to San Fran and couldn't leave without at least a trolley ride or two.

Final note, I just wanted to thank the many supportive people at Sun. Mike, Mohammed, Henry, Bernard and finally Juan Carlos Soto who was kind enough to spend some time with us yesterday.


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